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"Get to know us!"

Mag. Annabel Loebell

Mag. Annabel Loebell

Managing Director

"Even as a consultant, my heart is that of a journalist. For my clients I transform entrepreneurial topics into journalistic stories - with my personal media contacts being an important success factor."

Fon: +43-1-8904406-11

Mag. Grazia Nordberg

Mag. Grazia Nordberg

Managing Director

"To me, Public Relations is very pragmatic: my longstanding experience in, and with, large Austrian companies is beneficial for my work as a PR consultant. To know what works in communication - both in practice and economically - and, above all, what it achieves, has influenced my approach as a consultant."

Fon: +43-1-8904406-12

We are different


We advise our clients personally and work as a team.


We have slender but highly professional structures with in-depth industry and media know-how.


We have an entrepreneurial mind-set for the good of our clients.


We know from many years of journalistic experience how editorial offices function and how journalists think.


We offer well-founded economic and legal know-how.


We have excellent contacts to Austrian newspapers and specialised media.


We always take social media into consideration for all communication activities.


We think "communicative" for our clients, consider media work from their perspective, but with a fresh approach - incorporated into our many years of experience as journalists, entrepreneurs, and people interested in media. That´s what constitutes us.

Our Philosophy

Good PR not only depends on know-how, but predominantly on the human factor. The chemistry among the team members must be right, as well as among clients and their consultants. After all, we don´t only accompany our clients in good times. Our work also has to run smoothly in any difficult situation that our clients might encounter, and we must have a common denominator. Understanding for each other´s respective role is essential.

Our consultants have an excellent knowledge of PR and form the interface between clients and journalists. When selecting our staff members we make sure that their professionalism and personalities fit into our team and that they are willing to offer a high level of commitment. The operational area must be compatible with the interests of our staff members, only then will their work be successful and only then can they offer the optimum, both creatively and practically, for our clients.

We are proud of our team, and we are proud to work as a team. This is something our clients also appreciate. We know which responsibility we have for our clients and we package our skills and competencies in units. In this way, we can make efficient use of synergies and achieve good results. Nevertheless, there is sufficient freedom that allows the team to discuss topics creatively as well as critically, and to inspire each other with new ideas and approaches.

Teamwork is our daily routine: an open exchange of ideas, creativity, readiness for service, reliability, and professionalism are our top priorities.

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