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Public Relations
"Everyone sees that which you appear to be. Only a few realize the way you truly are." (Niccolò Machiavelli)

Today, public relations have developed into a distinctive discipline in the economic world, which continually supports and accompanies businesses and above all, promotes the development of new businesses. Only those who are present in the media - online and offline - can succeed with heart and soul in a wider public. Through continual and focused public relations, relevant groups and decision-makers can be approached, informed and influenced.

Corporate Communications
"It's not enough simply to address the matter in question. You have to communicate with the people." (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

We analyze all inward- and outward-directed communicative activities of your business and - in accordance with the customers' goals - develop a common theme for the communication strategy as well as appropriate creative measure for its implementation. On the one hand, a clearly structured corporate image emerges for the public and on the other hand, this also provides intrinsic value for the company's employees.

Brand & Product PR
"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well." (Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon)

Making products distinguishable. Being different is new and exciting. Communicating this uniqueness is the task of PR - whether by means of lifestyle products or also in trade and industry. LOEBELL NORDBERG combines facts and emotions to position and advertise your product. We build your image up anew and/or establish your brands long-term in all channels, online and offline, which are relevant and applicable for your target group.

Event PR
"Showing up is 80 percent of life." (Comedian, film director and actor)

Brands and products are dependent on the unique staging of their introductions or campaigns. Combining the factors information, experience and entertainment for your target groups is the goal of Event PR. At LOEBELL NORDBERG, events are always conceived and organized with the knowledge of the media effect in mind. Whether seminars, conferences, company jubilees, product presentations, road shows or open-house days, LOEBELL NORDBERG implement an unforgettable event with great press feedback.

Start-up/Launch PR
"Whatever you can do or dream, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

If the budget is tight, other creative paths have to be pursued. Particularly regarding IT start-ups, relevant blogs in German and English-speaking regions are a good vehicle with which to generate attention by way of crucial multipliers. An intelligently managed guerilla marketing action may also be a good way to attract media attention to a previously unknown product. Traditional media relations then form the basis around this to expand these channels.

Risk & Crisis Communications
"Crisis is a productive condition. You just have to rid it of its catastrophic overtones." (Max Frisch)

Crisis PR begins long before the crisis. It´s vital to recognize the risks in time. Good crisis management and a strategically planned crisis communication can turn the crisis into a chance. LOEBELL NORDBERG help you out of the crisis! With the aid of crisis scenarios and crisis plans, we prepare you for a crisis situation. If worst comes to worst, an experienced crisis team will be there to coach you; the experts will guide you comprehensively through the areas of communication strategy, media training and Social Media.

Litigation PR
"A verdict can be proven wrong, a prejudgement never." (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

In civil disputes, public opinion is often just as decisive as the judicial decision. Early identification of the critical themes and good communication with the media right from the beginning ensure your reputation.
LOEBELL NORDBERG help you in each phase of the procedure - or beforehand - to voice your position in the public and to be understood and accepted.

Change Communications
"Changes only benefit those who are prepared for them." (Louis Pasteur)

Changes - whether wanted or unwanted - are always taking place. Whether crises, fusions, structural changes and procedures: with an individual action plan and professional communication, you'll create a great opportunity out of your challenges. LOEBELL NORDBERG will help you to achieve understanding, acceptance and energetic support for your changes and to use your chances effectively.

Digital & Social Media Communications
"The web is a social invention as much as a technical invention." (Tim Berners-Lee - Inventor of the Internet)

Reaching the largest possible target group in the shortest time? Unthinkable today without Digital & Social Media! Social Media platforms are booming and harbour the greatest potential to acquire attention. But only if they are implemented accordingly.... LOEBELL NORDBERG help you to place yourself neatly in the jungle of the Social Media platforms and offer workshops for learning and management.

Reputation Management & CEO Positioning
"One doesn't get a reputation with things that one is about to do." (Henry Ford)

A positive corporative reputation has a lasting effect on the value of your enterprise. Do you want to inspire trust, show responsibility and be a role model as a CEO? Or do you want to accentuate your expert status?
LOEBELL NORDBERG support you in developing, maintaining and improving a positive reputation, and we enable you to reach the desired ranking on Google & Co by launching content in the relevant channels, mediating Speaking Opportunities, and by media coaching.

Blogger Relations
"Everything, both on the large and small scale, is due to passing on" (Christian Morgenstern, German writer)

Blogger gain more importance (and should be considered in the marketing-mix). As independent opinion leaders and multipliers, they represent an enrichment for your business and brand. We do understand the blogosphere and out of the masses of weblogs we locate the best bloggers for events, their target audience and quality standards and build long-term relationships with them.

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